Wood Wood Brings Mondano (The Good Life)

Wood Wood Brings Mondano (The Good Life)

Here at SAND, we like to let things simmer before placing our verdict. Since Wood Wood launched their Spring/Summer 2018 Collection — Mondano (which means 'the good life' in Italian), we have found ourselves consistently referring to these looks.
Since 2002, designers Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen have been through various cycles of technological and consumer evolution. Founded in Cophengen, Wood Wood has since found themselves working with fellow players from Elmgreen & Dragset to Adidas.

The point of reference for the Mondano pieces was Campania. Known for its striking natural setting, the Italian province boasts sights such as Amalfi Coast, Temple of Apollo and the captivating island, Faraglioni. The designers modelled colours and silhouettes from the landscapes, spicing it up with vintage cut.

The brand, which takes pride in strong friendships (read: collaborations) captures unity in the Mondano lookbook. Here, there's no room for the distant, too-cool-for-anyone exterior that many high end brands find difficult to shake off. It can be said that Wood Wood's charisma is largely obtained from their underground association — which, thankfully, hasn't been abandoned in the 16 years since they found their footing. 

Labelling it as merely a fashion brand would be an understatement. Wood Wood finds itself playing in subculture involving music, design and sports. It is intense, fiercely loyal to its community, and never indifferent or bitter. To wear Wood Wood is to celebrate and thrive in an artistic lifestyle. It tells you, reach sky high but never forget the streets where you truly find home.

Photographer: Philip Messmann
Hair and Make-up: Lasse Pedersen
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