'Garage' by Ester Keate

'Garage' by Ester Keate

“All I ever really want to know is how other people are making it through life—where do they put their body, hour by hour, and how do they cope inside of it. ”
— Miranda July
Originally published in Issue 02
Current editorial featuring unpublished shots

Photographer: Ester Keate
Stylist: Emily Rusby
Hair and Make-up: Lydia Warhurst
Set Design: Freya Wentworth-Stanley
Model: Eva Jurke


Denim Shirt: Weekday / Boiler Suit: Dickies / Pleated Dress: Georgia Hardinge / Ruffle Heels: Ego / Necklace: Longshaw Ward

Bomber Jacket: Onar / Sweatshirt: Maison Kitsuné / Pleated Skirt: Georgia Hardinge / Sneakers: Rose Rankin

Denim Jacket: Weekday / Pleated Dress: Three Floor / Jeans: Wåven / Metallic Heels: Charlotte Mills / Earrings: Longshaw Ward

Bomber Jacket: Onar / Sweatshirt: Maison Kitsuné / Pleated Skirt: Georgia Hardinge / Sneakers: Rose Rankin

Heartbreaker Jacket: Olive and Frank / Tomboy Tee: Olive and Frank / Bra: Olive and Frank / Jeans: Steventai / Block Heel Shoes: Aksha Fernandez

Sleep Now Tee: Steventai

Heartbreaker Jacket: Olive and Frank / Tomboy Tee: Olive and Frank / Bra: Olive and Frank / Jeans: Steventai / Block Heel Shoes: Aksha Fernandez

Printed Hoodie: Longshaw Ward / Denim Skirt: Longshaw Ward / Necklace: Longshaw Ward

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