A Gathering of Women 2018 — #PressForProgress

A Gathering of Women 2018 — #PressForProgress


A Gathering of Women is SAND Magazine's annual International Women's Day series in collaboration with creatives in the city. 

For our 2018 Women’s Day digital release, we are choosing to focus on collective action — celebration of activism, uncovering contributions, forging visibility of women and challenging the stigma of ‘power’ in female individuals. This is dedicated to the woman who rallies support towards the positive beliefs and endeavours of another.

Our mission ties in with the official movement for International Women’s Day 2018 — #PressForProgressThis visual editorial looks at how individuals can stand alongside each other, reflect on the skills and power that each holds and work that to a collective benefit. It also aims to bridge the divide in gender parity perpetuated by popular media which often ends up placing various genders into their respective boxes. This Women's Day, let's consider the fact that we are human before gender.

Featuring model Ann Lopez and fine artist Chloë Manasseh.
“We’re women. We’re people too.”






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  • Empowering words. Stunning photography. #PressForProgress

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