Kinobi On Pushing For A Healthier Retail Pace

(Inside Outside by Kinobi)

Kinobi is known for being an advocate of the slow fashion movement, often working with independent designers who prioritise quality over quantity. In this issue, Ally Macrae (Founder of Kinobi) lets us in on the downsides of high street retail, consumers' motivation and creating a healthy space for designers to thrive in. 

Was it a deliberate decision to associate the Kinobi with Japanese philosophies, such as wabi-sabi and the act of balancing? 
I have been a fan of Leonard Koren, a writer,...

TOMGIRL Talks Creation, Music And Films

(All Photos by Cherlynn Lian)

When TOMGIRL first announced their debut music video earlier in the year, we knew right away that we wanted them on the first print issue of SAND. The night after their successful debut show at Esplanade, which showcased the rock and roll side of Cherie Ko and where Ted Takeshi Doré was finally introduced to the audience, we met the team behind the dark noir pop duo at a down to earth restaurant for a chat.

That was also...

Middle Class Cigars On Pushing Music In SG

If you're into the music scene in Singapore, surely Middle Class Cigars would not be an unfamiliar name by now. Our meeting with Nigel Lopez, the founder of newly formed record label, Middle Class Cigars, provided a refreshing insight into the branding process of a label and musicians. Convinced that the tricky (but fulfilling) music industry was one that he wanted in, Nigel roped in his first artist, Linus Hablot after a casual chat on the desire to make music. 

Along with Linus are...

SAND | ISSUE ° 1 – Sustainability in Creatives

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