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Veronica Fusaro: "It's about being your true self and practicing honesty"

At the age of 21, Swiss musician Veronica Fusaro has already played numerous music festivals and showcases around the world. Watching her performance at Music Matters Live in Singapore a few months ago, we saw an emerging talent with slick vocals who was certain of her craft. It's a major praise, but her onstage resilience reminded us ever so slightly of 2013-era Lorde. Back with a new song Venom, Veronica leads us into her process and thoughts on being in the music industry.
Veronica Fusaro:

by SAND Magazine

October 19, 2018

It is said that you recorded your first demos as a 14 year old in the basement of your parents’ house. Was that where you found your sound?

The basement is my little home studio, and it still is the place where I write my songs and explore sounds. I guess ‘my sound’ has always been inside of me, developing and growing with whatever music that has managed to reach my ears.
In the basement I was able to make music until late at night, where nobody could interrupt me or try to make me sound different. It was just the music and I.
What was it about the music culture in Switzerland that convinced you to launch your career?

I’m not sure if there was anything in particular about Switzerland that made me want to create music. Of course, there are a lot of great musicians here, plenty of festivals (a lot of them!) and venues. It still amazes me today how many possibilities there are for live shows in a relatively small country like Switzerland. 

What directly motivated me could be my fascination for artists such as Amy Winehouse or Michael Jackson – artists who had the world listening and watching. 

We briefly spoke about your R&B and hip hop influences when we met at Music Matters Live in Singapore. How have these genres informed your work?

R&B and hip hop are both genres I really enjoy listening to. I like Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Childish Gambino and I obsessively listen to SZA. Not forgetting class acts like Michael Jackson who touch my heart in a very specific type of way.
Whatever music I listen to I subconsciously pick up elements of it that you might find in my songs again.
What are you particularly concerned about when it comes to pushing your art?

I see ‘pushing’ here as becoming greater and getting out of one’s comfort zone. I am extremely self-critical when it comes to my songs.
Often when I start writing a song I can already tell if it’s ever going to be a good song or not. I guess me being quite picky helps in putting out the best music I can at the moment.
A challenge that I constantly face is finishing songs. Sometimes I have a verse lying around for a month before I find the inspiration to pick it back up and finish it.

What is your unique ability when it comes to creating songs and sounds?

I’m just as unique as everybody else. I guess it’s about being your true self and practicing honesty and frankness in whatever you do in life. That makes all the difference.

Your most recent EP ‘ICE COLD’ is quite distinct from ‘Lost in Thought’. How is your newly released song Venom any different from what you’ve done previously?

Venom is still the same me, just a little older.
A few more life experiences, a few more things that I know and don’t know about the world. It’s just another excerpt from my life that I get to share with the world.

More about Veronica Fusaro here 
Listen to 'Venom' here


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