The Aces and Their Coming-of-Age Moment

The Aces and Their Coming-of-Age Moment

Ahead of their debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic in April, The Aces have been dropping new tracks ‘Fake Nice’, ‘Volcanic Love’ and ‘Lovin is Bible’. It’s difficult to gauge with just three songs but it seems like the indie rock trio from Utah is set on holding on to the dance element in their music — at least for now.

How would you describe this coming-of-age moment for you?
It's quite surreal. We've been working so hard, and there is still so much work to do but we couldn't be more proud of the album.

Fake Nice speaks about not having time for bullshit. How would you like to best spend your time outside of dealing with negativity?

Photo: Alexander Bortz

We try to keep a tight-knit circle of good, positive people, and we like having family around a lot. I think that keeps us grounded.

We are all very genuine and we try to distance ourselves from any kind of negative energy.

How did Fake Nice come about, in terms of production?
We worked with an awesome producer named Wendy Wang on this track. It came about very naturally and this combination brought out a very cool side of The Aces.

The Aces is all about the sisterhood. Has there been any point in time when this posed as an obstacle or landed you in uncomfortable situations — the fact that you’re females singing, writing and playing based on, well, female perspectives?
There have definitely been times in our career where people would call us “girl band” with a negative tone but there have been more times when people respond really positively, encouraging us and saying things like “oh my gosh, it's so amazing to see you doing your thing. We need you!”

Photo: Alexander Bortz

We are very proud of the fact that we are all women and want to empower young females to follow their passions, no matter who they are. We view it as a strength.

Complete this sentence:

In times of hardship,

lean back on your people, know it will ALWAYS get better.

What’s one thing you’d really like to see happen in 2018?
For us? A full European tour would be AMAZING.


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