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Snail Mail: "I can take my music in any direction that I want"

In this interview, the Baltimore singer-songwriter discussed the music scene in her city, literature that have motivated her songwriting and 'Golden Dream' – our favourite track off her 2018 album, Lush.
Snail Mail:

by SAND Magazine

September 28, 2018

It's easy to want to place Snail Mail in a room, and ask her numerous questions about empowerment as a young female artist. Yet, it's no news that the indie rock outfit rising from Baltimore does not want to talk about being a woman in a band. It's totally justified, especially when she has proven her point in a round-table discussion hosted by The New York Times. 

Still, as feminists we wanted to pick Lindsey Jordan's mind on ways the music community can come together to tackle unconscious bias. Across many cities, there are individuals who still find themselves caught in the middle of outdated expectations and gender norms.
"Change starts small," Lindsey thinks. "I think the most important thing we can do is elevate the voices of marginalised artists and try to support the diversification of music scenes in our own communities."
The singer-songwriter also the local music scene in Baltimore, literature that have motivated her songwriting and 'Golden Dream' – our favourite track off her 2018 album, Lush

She has show dates booked from now all the way till next February. Thankfully, Snail Mail will be making a stop in Southeast Asia in October before moving on to United Kingdom, Europe and then resuming her United States tour.

On taking the Singapore stage on October 12, she reveals, "I’m really excited to explore the city and hopefully the night life. I’ve heard amazing things!" Snail Mail will be accompanied by local indie darlings Sobs

What's the local music scene in Baltimore like?

It is always changing. There definitely aren’t as many DIY venues as there used to be, which has drastically changed the nature of the scene but there are still a ton of hardworking and talented people booking shows.

The Baltimore scene has fostered some of the most unique and talented artists in the game right now, in my opinion. Some of my favourite artists to come out of Baltimore are JPEG Mafia, Romantic States, Horse Lords, Beach House, and Sneaks.

You’ve read Eileen Myles obsessively. Who else are you reading, and how have your takeaways from these literature translated to your music so far?

Love Eileen Myles! I’m really loving Carson McCullers and Yukio Mishima right now. My favourite thing about reading different authors and poets is that you get a taste of all of these vastly different styles of expression, which I think carries over into how I write.

I’ll often reread a passage over and over and think, what about this is so beautiful to me? From there, I’ll try to use that to improve how I go about using language to evoke emotion.
What’s your go to quote of all time?

I’m glad you asked about my favorite quote because no one ever has! It comes from John Clare’s poem I am:

And sleep as I in childhood sweetly slept:
Untroubling and untroubled where I lie;
The grass below – above the vaulted sky.

We recently added your song Golden Dream to our studio playlist. The track is such a great sonic poem! How did the words come about?

Usually I will write an entire instrumental song and arrange it before I write the lyrics, but for this one, I wrote the two parts alongside one another. It was something that had happened in my life recently that I was just itching to get off of my chest. I wanted to paint a picture that was both sad and empowering.

Apart from the freedom of choice, what are the greatest pleasures of running your own band?

I find solace in knowing that I can take it in any direction that I want at any point!
My tastes and influences are constantly changing, so it’s nice to know that I can change the way I create without having to wait on anyone’s approval.

More about Snail Mail here 
Get tickets to Snail Mail Live in Singapore here


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