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Ffion Launches EP, 'Bad Habits'

Ffion Launches EP, 'Bad Habits'

by SAND Magazine

June 21, 2017

Photo: Shaykh Akbar

Hi Ffion, how did you go from being a cover artist to an R&B singer?
Hey there! Well, I did covers for a few years but never really felt quite fulfilled by it. When I discovered songwriting and electronic music, that’s when something really clicked for me. As for the R&B side of things, I still don’t see myself as an R&B singer as I didn’t grow up listening to that kind of music and I never expected to be labelled under that genre, but it’s interesting to see how people label the music.

We have seen shiftswhether subtle or dramaticin music perceptions, from time to time over the years. Do you see music as a trend?

Ffion's new single (ft. FAUXE) — 14 Grand releases today

Well, I don’t really see it as a trend but more of a constant evolution. It’s nice to keep things fresh and the challenge keeps the fire burning for most artists to keep pushing the limits and discovering new sounds.

Tell us more about the ways your musical styles and inclinations have evolved since debuting With U last year.
With U was definitely a major shift in my musical journey. I think it gave me a stronger sense of self and the confidence to keep going down this path.

I’m always trying to work on my process when it comes to songwriting and working with Vanessa Fernandez during the NOISE Music mentorship program really helped with that. She helped me deal with a lot of anxieties I felt when it came to music and life in general. If it wasn’t for her help, I don’t think I would have been able to play at gigs like EATMEPOPTART.

Let's talk Bad Habits. Firstly, we’re interested to know more about the album cover (we know that you worked with Marina Awho will be appearing on the next print issue of the magazineon this!).


Ahh, I LOVE MARINA! I love how she’s not afraid to illustrate the craziest visuals and her colour choices are always so bold. Marina is the type of person I would love to be artistically, which is why I wanted her to design the cover. I gave her lots of creative control for this project. She also asked if she could go crazy with it… and well, I don’t regret it!

Is it entirely about old relationships and talking your feelings out? What other energy have been channelled into this EP?

Photo: Ian Lim

Yerp! It's mostly a reflection on how my relationships and friendships have turned out, so most of these songs are true representations of the things that really happened in my life. I tend to feel very stuck emotionally after a big event so writing about it helps.

There are songs about familial relationships (which was new territory for me) and different stages of falling in love.

What is your pre-show ritual?
I like to give myself 4 hours to get ready before a gig and take my time to mentally prepare for the day. I get really bad stage fright so I find it more calming to just take my time to warm up and get ready instead of rushing. If the venue offers drinks, I like to sneak in a coke and rum before the set. It helps to calm the nerves.

What can we expect at the launch of Bad Habits?
Lots of pink, an amazing band setup and a HUGE surprise! 

Ultimately, what fuels you and your music?

The motivation to keep improving my craft and reach further milestones.


Stay up to date with Ffion here and get tickets to the launch of Bad Habits on 23 June, 7.30pm at The Substation here. Get the EP on iTunes here.


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